The construction industry continues to grow, which means plenty of jobs opening up for those who want a fulfilling career. Jobs in the industry include commercial and residential projects as well as renovations and new projects. Construction work involves a variety of skilled and unskilled laborers including jobs on site and off site.

Strut Pro Hangers, your source for swivel hangers and custom framing brackets, takes a look at the type of construction jobs available.


This is a field in which there is a lot of crossover among a variety of industries. Still, many fail to realize it is an important role in construction.

Most people see electricians as somebody you call when you are having issues with a circuit breaker or need someone to wire a new outlet in the garage. But an electrician is also the person who installs wiring in a new house. They are also the ones who are responsible for redoing entire wring systems in remodels.


Much like electricians, you often think of a plumber as the person you call to fix a leaky pipe or unclog a drain. But construction plumbers do much more than that. They are responsible for installing entire plumbing systems in new houses and other projects so you have drinking water, sewage and draining.


This is probably the most well-known of the construction jobs. Carpentry typically deals with a multitude of skills including cutting, shaping and the installation of materials. Basically, carpentry is the hammer and nails, sawing and drilling of construction.


Welders are the people who use a welding machine to fuse materials together. They are the ones who wear the heavy masks and blast metals with heat to fuse them together.


Masons are the building blocks of the construction industry. And we mean it, quite literally. Their responsibility in a project includes piecing together components like brinks and gluing them together with mortar. They also work with marble and concrete blocks.

Construction Manager

To be a construction manager, you probably need a four-year degree. But you can get there with an associates degree and plenty of experience. For this job, you will need analytical skills for troubleshooting, strong communication skills and adept at supervising as staff.

Heavy Equipment Operator

Construction sites use a variety of heavy equipment when erecting a building. There might be a need for a crane to hoist pre-assembled pieces to the roof or a bulldozer might be used to level the ground before construction can begin. And of course, a dump truck will be needed to haul away all of that extra dirt.

Extraction and Excavation Experts

It may be necessary to dig deep before building a home or a skyscraper. A home design might include a basement and a skyscraper needs the support of bedrock. In either case, a lot of dirt and rock will have to be removed. In many cases, a bulldozer or other heavy equipment will be used, But in some cases, explosives might be brought to expedite matters.

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