At Strut Hanger Pro, we are one of a kind. Not only are we the United States’ only business of our kind, but we offer innovative production techniques and even an integrative and easy-to-use “build-your-project” tool that will have your brackets, hangers, or struts ready in far less time than it takes to build them on your job site. Our team is dedicated to making your job easier by saving you time, labor, and money, and we stop at nothing to ensure the highest quality product and service.


What materials do you use? ▼

We can match your spec’d brand of strut, or use our in house brand (Matrix). The threaded rod we use is generic as well and connecting hardware.

Are there any size limits on your products? ▼


How long does shipping usually take? ▼

We ship out of Ogden, UT. Usually 2-3 Business days for anyplace west of the Mississippi.

Can I choose the finish on my brackets? ▼

Yes: Plain, Pre-Galv, Stainless, Hot Dipped, Green, Gold. Give us a call to request other finishes.

How does the “build your project” tool work? ▼

Unique, Industry First drop down menu to select channel profile, dimensions, and rod size.

What is the typical production timeline? ▼

After submitting order, 2-4 Business days.

Is there a limit on order size? ▼


What do I do if I accidentally order the wrong item or size? ▼

These brackets and hangers can be modified in the field by you, or sent back to us for changes.

Do I pay for delivery or do you? ▼

We arrange shipping for you, it is an added cost.