Most construction companies acknowledge that if they are to keep up with the times, their future depends on adapting to new technologies. Yet. all too many are reluctant to committing time and money in technologies.

However. It is quite difficult to improve as a construction company by ignoring the results of technology. It is equally as bad just hoping that these new ideas, devices and apps just go away.

Today’s advances in hardware, software and devices and tools have proven themselves rather helpful in projects of any scale. So whether you are part of a large corporation that builds large-scale buildings or a contractor who thrives mainly on small to medium projects, technology can improve your business exponentially.

Strut Pro Hangers, your source for custom swivel hangers, explains ways technology is changing the construction industry.

Mobile Devices and Apps

One of the most widely available and used new technologies are mobile devices and the apps that can be used with them. Easy-to-use apps allow construction workers to document, access, share and edit important information even while they are on the actual jobsite.

There are smartphones made especially for construction workers that are rugged on construction, screens that are easy to see in sunlight and hold out better in adverse weather conditions.

Wearable Items

There are several wearable devices available that provide much-needed advances in technology. For example, there are smart glasses that provide better vision, smartwatches and health trackers. These can be utilized to enhance safety, reduce risk and increase productivity.

3-D Printers

3-D printers are currently being used to create building components and in some cases, entire structures.

Robot Constructors

Robotic arms have been used to place bricks, excavate and in demolition. As you are reading this, inventors are working on the scalability and agility of these devices.

GPS Tracking

GPS tracking is being used in the construction industry to keep track of fleet vehicles. GPS is much more than just a way to see where your vehicles are, fleet tracking software is available that can provide instant data about field conditions, equipment conditions and other information that will save money and improve operations.


Drones have been used by construction companies for several years to collect information in locations where humans have a difficult time reaching.

Cameras placed on drones can collect photos and videos of conditions and can be used in inspections as well.

Virtual Reality Preconstruction

Until just a few years ago, virtual reality environments were used mainly in video games and training simulations. But we are seeing this technology used more and more in the construction industry.

By replacing physical mockups, construction companies can save huge in costs all while improving the efficiency of constructed rooms.

Self-Healing Concrete

Concrete remains the most commonly used construction material. Wouldn’t it be great if the concrete you use could fix itself when it cracks?

This might sound crazy, but scientists are finding a way this can be done.

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