Not everybody who enjoys piecing together Legos or building sandcastles should choose a career in construction, but it’s not a bad choice. In fact, a career in construction could be perfect for you. When you think of construction jobs, many think about carpenters and painters who do the actual work on the building. But there are other types of construction workers as well, including planners and supervisors and those who handle materials and supplies.

Construction jobs have long been stereotyped. For example, it is easy to spot a construction worker as they wear jeans, boots, a hardhat and possibly a flannel shirt. Also, you can expect them to have a tool belt and they are probably dirty and sweaty from working so hard on the job site.

And while hardhats and flannel shirts might be staples for construction workers on the job site, there are also construction workers who wear ties and wing-tipped shoes.

The idea that being a construction worker is grueling manual labor has also hurt the industry and younger generations tend to shy away from it. With such a large percent of the younger population shying away from construction jobs, the future of the labor shortage in the industry could be bleak. But this just means that should you decide a career in construction, the jobs are there waiting for you to fill.

But should you consider a job in the construction industry? Strut Pro Hangers, your source for custom duct hangers, offers the benefits of a career in construction.

No Desk Required

Ask a friend who works in an office environment how they feel about it. Most people hate it. One reason is that you are seated at a desk all day staring at a computer monitor, two monitors if you are lucky. As many of you know, sitting for long periods of time is literally killing you.

Many construction jobs are done outdoors with no need to be at a desk. Many construction jobs also require you to move around, which is great for those who can’t stand staying in one spot all day long. It’s a career that allows you to put your work in motion, which can be quite the fulfilling experience. Imagine driving by a skyscraper or hospital knowing you were one of the people who helped in its creation.

It is of little surprise that job satisfaction is high among construction workers.


The workforce in the construction industry is evolving, thanks in part to the influx of technology. As a result, more minorities and women are choosing a career in construction. In addition to getting more diverse, the construction industry is also getting younger as it is attracting Millennials at an alarming rate.

For anybody wishing to get a jump-start on a career right after high school, construction is one of the few industries in which many jobs don’t require a four-year degree.

Let’s Get Technical

Being a construction worker does not necessarily mean you work with tools like a hammer and a screwdriver. In fact, you can be in the industry and use tools like a drone or mobile construction software. As construction projects get more advanced, so do the tools needed to complete the projects.

Technology has become a necessity for construction companies and skilled field workers are needed to run some very sophisticated machines. The industry realizes the need to use technology on their job sites and is wising up by improving their bottom line through the use of construction professionals able to make the digital transition.

Even if you are looking for a short-term position in the industry, the construction industry could provide you the competitive edge and skills you need to land your dream job later.

Make Money

One reason why Millennials are rushing to get construction jobs is that salaries are on the rise. As a whole, constructionist workers can expect to see their pay increase by over three percent every year. And there are several high-paying jobs in the industry as well. Construction managers can expect to make as much as some engineers and those with university degrees can expect to make excellent salaries right out of college.

Strut Pro Hangers makes construction work easier by saving time, money and labor. Give us a call for more information.