Prefab construction is the practice of assembling a variety of components at a manufacturing site and then transporting the final product to its preferred location. Prefabrication construction used to be thought of as a mass-produced, low-end way to manufacture buildings and other projects. The reality is quite different. This practice is becoming increasingly popular because quality has been greatly improved. In addition, prefab construction is available in a variety of budgets.

Despite what people used to think about prefabricated construction, it is as popular as ever. Strut Hanger Pro offers you the benefits of prefabricated construction.

Safety Considerations

Prefab projects are assembled in a factory-controlled environment, which offers more safety than on-site projects. For example, strict factory procedures and processes help protect workers from job-related injuries. Also, the indoor environment protects workers from weather-related risks. In fact, The indoor construction environment presents several fewer risks than outdoor construction.

Faster Construction

It takes significantly less time to construct a project in an indoor factory environment than it does to construct it outdoors and on-site. There are many reasons why this is true. One reason is that prefab construction has better upfront planning. Another reason is that prefab construction isn’t hampered with factors like weather delays and a slowdown waiting on components.

A shorter construction time means you can take on several projects at once, allowing your business to grow as opposed to needing to keep focused on one project at a time. Imagine the growth your business would enjoy if you had multiple projects going simultaneously.

No On-Site Disruption

Stop for a moment and consider what happens at a job site over the course of a day. Traditional job sites see constant traffic and other distractions and suffer pollution, noise and many other irritants. The streamlined approach of prefab construction provides a much calmer and quieter atmosphere. This helps to increase productivity as interference and distractions do not exist.

Guaranteed Quality

The controlled environment of prefab construction allows for consistent quality. Every component of a project is built and assembled to very specific standards. Traditional on-site projects depend on sub-contractors with varying levels of skills and expertise. Projects created at a factory are built and assembled by an experienced crew. Projects are built and assembled in an indoor environment safe from the elements with multiple quality checks to ensure perfection.


Prefab construction allows for easy assembly and disassembly of a project so it can be relocated to a different site if needed. The flexibility of design in prefab construction gives business owners a huge number of opportunities with their projects.

Money Saving

Prefabricated Construction targets budgets and creates affordable options. Businesses can often get discounts for bulk projects, the reduction of build time saves money and not having to deal with unreliable contractors with unproductive staff is a big money-saver as well.

With advantages like these, it is easy to see why prefab construction is gaining in popularity. Submit your plans to Strut Pro Hangers and we can customize every part of your hangers, struts and brackets.